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Private Landlord -- Rent Control

Hello, My name is Jackie Blair, I am a widow and currently disabled because of a lung disease. I had to move out of my previous apartment because the landlord sold the property. I only get disability payments and my husbands small pension from Veterans Affairs, and I am on section 8 housing assistance. There was just not any safe places for me to move to, most were in crime ridden neighborhoods. I spotted a house by chance, which is the current one that I live in and called the landlord, Les Emerian, who sounded nice and said he would take my section 8 but I would have to make a few repairs myself. Being out of time and having to move or be homeless, I payed the deposit and rent, which was all I had for the month. I only took a look at the living room of the house when I first saw it, but when I further examined the house there was no working water heater, no heating for winter, or airconditioning for summer. I had no choice but to move in with nowhere else to go, and I quickly called the landlord but he took 1 week to put in a water heater and refused to put in a cooler or heater, instead he sent 3 compact heaters. His response to my complaints was if you don't like it move out, knowing I was trapped. I made it through with help from friends, but now section 8 will not pass the house without a working heater and I might add that he was extorting more money from me every month or else he would evict me. Well he is evicting me, because section 8 will not pay and he will not fix the house. Now I am left to go to court,and try to recover the extra 200.00 dollars a month I was paying him, and search for a safe place to live. I cannot believe this is happening to me, god willing noone else falls into this trap that I did, I pray to find a place soon.....

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