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Private Landlord -- No Rent Control

I have been leasing a 3 bd rm house in Hayward for 3 years. I invested with the owner half on the upgrades on the kitchen and bath room. I found out that the home is in forclosure and was scheduled to be sold this past 3/20/09. Per the vendor request the foreclosure has been rescheduled until 4/20/09. When I contacted the owner about my funds I invested I was told my money was tied up in the house. I found out that Heritage Plaza Mortgage in Stockton which went out of business and Wells Fargo are who the lenders are for the property. The owner did not inform me of any problems and is holding out on paying me my money. I have my cashiers check and contract supporting that I invested in the property. How can I put a lien on the property before it is sold and how can I find out who the current bank leander? I have looked up the information at the Clerk office already all dead ends. Also the current owner bought the house from me I sold to them in 2005 and lease the property hoping to buy it back.

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