Sun City
Residence Type: 
Single unit
Landlord Type: 
Private Landlord -- No Rent Control

I will try & keep this as short as possible. This has now happened too me TWICE!. I rented a nice home in a great neighborhood for 3 years and found out she was in Default/Foreclosure. After calling her out on the carpet, she did fess up and did tell me. Didnt help me, i am a single parent. So i desepertly searched my area for an affordable, but decent home. Finally i found one and had it checked before moving in because i did not want the same thing to happen to us again. It was clear when i signed in July. Sept Notice of Default was filed, stating they the homeowners have not paid since June( before i even moved in) it is crazy to me that this is not illegal. Now they are giving me the same modification, its been over 5 months, its rental income property, & only 20% of mod's are getting approved. i asked for a copy to verify their story and i would pay the current rent, no copy as of today. What does that tell you. This has got to stop some way. If anyone knows of affordable nice homes in my area let me know (Menifee/Sun City). Thanks & good luck to everyone!

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