Residence Type: 
20 or more units
Landlord Type: 
Private Landlord -- No Rent Control

I am a 51 year old female who resides at The Hub off Richards Blvd in Sacramento. I am a part time student and The Hub is Student Housing. Basically you rent a motel room for some amount (different rental amounts for different people for no good reason). I have lived here for 8 months and my rent is current. My lease is up in less than one week. Two months ago I have a friend who lives here as well, and she happens to be African American, when she got home from school her roommate accidentally sent her a text message the said "ewe..the nigger is home". My friend confronted her roommate and they yelled, but no physical confrontation. Security showed up and I found out the next day that my friend had been forced to signed a notice to vacate, that she had been moved to a room that management called "isolation" and that they had raised her rent for this @isolation unit" by $270.00. The "isolation unit was substandard in many ways. The roommate who actually made the racial slur was not punished at all. She showed me her paperwork and it said she had "disrespected management". The roommate also informed me that management had given her a $31.00 Appleby's gift card to send the message to my friend. I have copies to prove everything. I took my friend to the Fair Housing Departmeny in Sacramento and was very vocal about my dislike for the discrimination that occurred. My friend has since moved to Grorgia. Management at the Hub is harassing me on a very high level..letters typed up asking for permission to enter and dos move out inspection, which I did not ask for, they were saying that I had to leave the room I have always lived in for a "consolidation"? They rntered without my permission. I have no idea what my room has to look like in order to pass inspection. But theorist part is that the manager Keisha is telling other tenants here that I am too old to live here and that I need to go. These other tenants know me and have come to tell me this. This is a clear cut case of discrimination first with my friend and then retaliation against me. I really like living here, but this new manager is really unprofessional and seriously uneducated on her job and the laws surrounding it. I need help filing this case. I have all of the documents and I have the people the landlord used, the roommate, as witnesses. This is student housing. This manager should have to explain to a judge why she thinks she can treat others like she does. It's embarrassing.

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