Elizabeth Diane

San Jose
Residence Type: 
20 or more units
Landlord Type: 
Government Subsidized

I have been living at this apartment for a little over 14 years.
We have different managers and different expectations.
We are seniors with fix income, however, the rent used to be increased by $10.00 increments, however, now, the increments are $25 (more than double)
The manager makes a lot of noise for the widow living below her (like taking showers after midnight)but she made the widow below her unit, to remove an American Flag she had on her patio.
Now, we have a "Property Supervisor" named Takeisha Theriot, (we were not informed)who came in giving orders to the janitor and thru the manager, giving us 30-day order to remove our door mats and any other decor we may have.
I have been harassed for those 14 years, because my balcony does not have a roof. subsequently, when it rains, the water goes down to the apartment below. It is obvious that those tenants are not warned of that problem when they come in.
Also, there are young, working tenants with young children, that should not reside here.
There are other young tenants who harass older residents (like me)
The garbage area is always filthy and with a foul smell.
There are many issues that should be addressed. However, the new "supervisor" is too busy making our older population feel as we live in a Concentration Camp and she is the mail dictator.
I had written many times to the Board of Directors, certified letters with return receipt, after gathering many signatures from both buildings and they did not have enough respect for us, to answer ANY of my letters in this 14 years.
Our rights have been violated many times and no one cares.
Elizabeth Sanchez

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