Elizabeth Diane

San Jose
Residence Type: 
20 or more units
Landlord Type: 
Government Subsidized
Vistapark One Apartments

This is a senior's complex. We have fixed incomes. They used to increase the rent by $10 increments, now is $25.
I am 73 years old, I have been living here for 14 years and I always place my Christmas decorations during that time of the year.
Now, we have a new person under the tittle "property supervisor: and she took over the office of our Resource Coordinator and gave us 30-notice to remove all the "welcome" mats and any decoration.
Those decorations brighten our days, also represents our faith because we are Christians.
There are people living here, who are young, working and raising their children here, as if they are "elderly" and no one cares, while an real senior citizen may be on the "waiting" list.
The manager has a child who was born here and he is very hostile if anyone is using the washing machine, when she comes in with her laundry.
We feel that we paid our dues and don't need oppressive rules.
Thank you.

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