Residence Type: 
Single unit
Landlord Type: 
Private Landlord -- No Rent Control

My family of five moved into a 3bd 1.5 bath in Feb.2005 for 1300.00 a month. Our lease she a one year term. At the end of that first year we stayed on as month to month with little issues expect getting them to come fix things in a timely manner. We were month to month from Feb.2006- 1-2010. In January the wife called and asked if we would be interested in signing another long term lease. My husband and I decided to go ahead and sign a 13 ,month leas, we were able to choose length of lease. that lease was only with her his name is not on it. Then in Sep 2010 we were told by her (when we called to let her know we would be late with rent) that if we received anything from the bank not to worry it was taken care of. She then proceeded to send us a letter stating that she was no longer on loan for this house and that she no longer had contact with her husband and simce she was no longer on bank accounts that we needed to send rent and question to him. OKAY!! So we send our 10-2010 rent to him. He doesn't cash check until 10-29-2010. The next day we find notice on door. A notice of trustee sale. house to be auctioned on 11-19-2010. He came by a couple days later to get a copy of papers ( I wouldn't give him the originals. That this time his mom comes to door with him and says "we would like for you to sign another lease until 09-11. NO Way was this happening. So our rent is due. we don't know rather to pay him full months rent or a prorated amount until auction. Or do we pay him at all. We are living check to check so it is not like we have means to come up with funds to move if we pay rent.

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