Residence Type: 
Single unit
Landlord Type: 
Private Landlord -- No Rent Control

I'm in beginning in stage of seeking an attorney right now, the hardest part is to find an attorney specializes in Landlord-Tenant Law in my area. My roommates & I are dealing with multiple problems with the landlord. LL hold the copy of lease, which didn't give us a copy, for four months. We finally got the copy of lease after 4 months waiting. LL promised to have kitchen/bath repaired but never did; suppose to fix HVAC, never did; take away the trailer, never did; clean out the junk (caused by previous tenant), never did. Worst of all, we found out after read the lease, the lease was breached right very beginning by having landlord's son move in with us (for school reasons which later he was evicted out of our house due to using drugs) and landlord's family to move in with us that messed up everything. Landlord is in violation of city building for no permit to be issued to put up drywall that convert the family room into bedroom. Code Enforcement was notified and gave the landlord the notice of violation. Just recently the landlord turned off the electricity service in LESS 24 hours notice that didn't give us time to start the new service in our name. On Friday (May 21st) I went to utility office to start new service but been told they would start the service on Monday (May 24th), I was so mad. I had to take city bus (about 25 minutes ride) in hope to catch the supervisor in downtown to get approved to start the service. I was relieved that the office in downtown wasn't closed until 6pm, I got in at 5pm. What's real sad that the landlord took away the trampoline that my roommate's children couldn't play anymore. wtf?! When we got 3 days notice to pay rent or quit, we found out the rent amount was exaggerated! We were like "WTF?!" We knew exactly what's the amount left that we're working to get the money to pay off the rent. Now...what's next? Here's advice: make sure you get the lease RIGHT AWAY; never let anyone or especially the landlord's family move in with you (it sounds tempting when the rent was reduced but it may actually result causing more problems) without in-person meeting; get everything in writing on paper or e-mail when you talk with the landlord. After I done dealt with this landlord, I have another story about previous landlord (which is about 10x worstest than current landlord) which I am about to file civil lawsuit for unhabitability housing.

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