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Private Landlord -- No Rent Control

Long story short. We are tenants who were evicted with a written unexpired lease in a property that was foreclosed on. We clearly have protections under PTFA 2009 and AB2610 but the orange county judges, sheriffs department, baNK Of america and safeguard and their attorneys have no respect or even care about the law.
We were forced out of our home with just the clothes on our backs. My baby ran out of food and diapers. I wasn't even allowed to take my wallet. We are living in the streets with out food shelter clothing and money. We were current on rent. I crime was believing that PTFA was actually there to protect us. 3 children and 2 adults tossed out like trash.... left to fend for themselves.....there is more but I do not have the time or energy to continue on here.
If someone can help please do. We have been homeless since the 21st of march.

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