Los Angeles
Residence Type: 
3 or 4 units
Landlord Type: 
Private Landlord -- No Rent Control

My son is a student at ucla and moved into an apartment with 4other boys. One of the previos tenenates/roommates had a problem with bed bugs and let the land lord know asking for an exterminator. Instead the landlord sprayed himself. We were under the understanding a professional exterminator, had taken care of the problem., otherwise we never would have moved him in. As soon as we moved my sons furniture and in his room we found a bed bug crawling across his mattress. We caught it to show the landlord. The land lord continued to refuse to call an exterminator, and he cashed my sons check for the month of september, even though my son did not move in until september 20. Since then I have personnally paid for an exterminator and the landlord said his roommates bed is covered with eggs. They could spray more poison, however it would not kill the eggs. It is best to get a heat treatment to eradicate the eggs. I called the landlord and tried to explain, I would personnally pay the 3000 for the heat treatment, and deduct it from future rent. In additionI would want orkin to inspect the other apartment in the building for bed bugs because if they are in that apartment it would have to be treated also. He was completely unreasonable and said he used gallons of insecticide in my sons room before he moved in and wanted the boys to dump the old roommates bed in the street. The landlord did not recommend that because it would only spread the bed bugs in the community or around the apt. I think it is dangerous that my son is sleeping in a room the landlord told me he dumped gallons of pesticide in all the cracks around the room. There is no molding around the floor just large cracks the bed bugs can crawl into, and according to experts they are probably in the walls so the entire building must be heat treated or tented with vikane. If this problem had been originally been handled by a responsible exterminator it wouldn't have come to this. I think the other tenenants need to be aware of the potential for bed bugs and that the entire building be inspected.

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