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Private Landlord -- No Rent Control

in October 03,2013 me and my family was evicted... I have 3 kids an a common law partner.In all 5 of us were staying at the place at the time of the eviction was done..I had it set up to pay my rent in the middle of the month, due to the way my pay check came the land lard was fine with taking the rent around the same time of the month with no problem. this went on for about a year the area had started to get a little unsafe GUN SHOOTS almost every other they got security around the evening in September it was more gun fire this time right in front of my house an I so happen to be sitting in the car in front of my house talking with my kids father an outta no where a guy comes around the conner an started shooting hitting the car up with over 20 bullet holes I was so thankful that we was ok...The next day the office called us in an asked us what happen as we told them our side of the story they told us that they would be getting back to they also took a statement from the security as well...they then called us 4 days later an told us to come in to the office so that they could talk with us..When we got to the office the had someone serve us with an eviction they said that they belive that we had something to do with the shooting an that it was a new manger who dose not want to except our rent they way we were paying so at that point I feel like we were stereo typed at that point an they used the way that we were paying oure rent as their legitmate reason for asking us to vacate there aprtments so they asked us to get caught up on paying the rent witch was just 1month behind an they would lift the evictionwe agreed to do so but after they were done they tact on all the court fees and late fees from the late rentwe also made an agreement to do that they gave us a week to come up with 2,700 we tried but it was just know way we could come up with the money so they went through with the eviction so as of October 03,2013 me and my family has been homeless....I am looking for a program that helps with pass evictions to help me be able to rent again....cause its almost as if no one will rent to us...

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