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Private Landlord -- No Rent Control

Two months ago, I moved into a condo that had previously been on the market for sale. Before I agreed to rent the condo, the landlord had said that the home was on the market for some time but he had just taken the home off of the market and didn't have intentions to sell. He asked for the first month, last month, and the security deposit prior to move in. Within a month and nine days of living within the unit, I received a call from the landlord informing me that the house would be for sale and that a realtor would be stopping by to see the place within half an hour. (This was at 9am on a Saturday-my day off.) I requested he give at least 24hours notice however, on multiple occasions realtors would stop without notice. I finally found the realtor who was in charge of the home for sale and he didn't know that I was living in the unit. Apparently the landlord had said that the home would be vacant. I gave my landlord notice as soon as a family of interested home buyers walked into my home AGAIN at 9am on a Saturday. However, this was on the 17th and my rent was due on the 1st of the month. I felt unsafe in the home and I was harassed daily by people stopping by unannounced. I moved out prior to my "last month" and requested my last months returned because the house was unsafe and I was being continuously harassed by realtors and home buyers and my landlords lack of care on the issue. However, my landlord refuses to return the last month rent and says that I will have to pay rent until the 17th. My rental agreement was month to month but what legal rights do I have so that I can get my last months rent returned?

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