Residence Type: 
20 or more units
Landlord Type: 
Government Subsidized

My Landlord is trying to evict me and another tenant because they refuse to grant me my Mandatory Medical Exemption to 24 CFR 278.12. I have complied with the requirements to be exempt supplied my doctors prescription and description of my special diet and a written diets on approximately July 4, 2012, and they say they can accommodate my special diet but have never changed the dinner menu and refuse to exempt me, meanwhile charging my food account every month. The Landlord refused my rent check in September 2013 until my food account was paid in full. On 01/11/2014, I received a 10-Day Pay $1,833.00 or Quit, which I paid if full on 01/16/2014. On 01/31/14 I was personally served a Ten-Day Pay $3,200 Unpaid Food Charge or Quit Notice to be paid by 02/10/14. I am not able to pay for the food I did not receive or food that I could not eat. I spoke with the new residential Manager Alder Lopez, showed him all of my paperwork and he said there is nothing he can do. My income is only $783 per month and my rent in $315, which has not been paid for February. When I was recertified in August 2013, they did not allow me any medical exemptions but promised me if I brought in a list of my prescriptions on my doctor's letterhead, they would redo my certification-that never happened. I contacted Congresswoman Doris Matsui before I got the second 10-Day Pay or Quit Notice; they are doing an investigation of HUD, whom I have been in contact with since 10/2012 when I filed a discrimination complaint. After I received the 2nd 10-Day Pay or Quit, I filed a complaint with the Attorney General, State of California Justice Dept., and they are investigating the company. I need legal representation to end this matter. I am living under the treat of eviction want to pay my rent. I have contacted Disability Rights of California (they cannot help me), Legal Services of No CA (they might help me if I am served with eviction papers). There are many elderly sick people in the building that cannot eat the food, but pay $170 every month anyway the Landlord refuses let anyone off the food program. I need help to stop the eviction process, to secure my exemption from the food program, and recalculation of my rent. It is important to get this matter settled after expending 19 months of extensive efforts to resolve this issue with no results.

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