San Francisco
Residence Type: 
3 or 4 units
Landlord Type: 
Private Landlord -- Rent Control

After I was evicted through the Ellis Act, my unit was rented out for 4 times what I paid. This is verifiable through a court case in San Francisco. After that, the flat has been rented by the room - with a room costing more than what I paid. My attorney at the time I was evicted told me that I could not sign away my right to move back in if it was rented again, but I am told that I can do nothing about the landlord's failure to offer the flat to me because of the settlement. The City of San Francisco apparently cannot act to enforce the Ellis Act or the Rent Ordinance. Rules and laws are apparently only made to be followed by some people and not others. A well-connected real estate agent who specializes in Ellis evictions and the marketing of subsequent T.I.C.s was involved.

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