Nevada City
Residence Type: 
Single unit
Landlord Type: 

I moved into a home that was filthy, The front yard was filled with dangerous debri and fire hazards. The property management group instructed me to "disperse the debri over 10 acres". The property apparently was used for a marijuana grow house. The electricity wires are carelessly wired to the box. The management waited 6 months to clean out the marijuana and the growing chemicals from our shed. We have had nothing but plumbing issues since we arrived only 7 months ago. The management refuses to address. There is an un-capped well in our backyard, also the property management shows up whenever he "feels like it" to chop down trees for his personal benefit of having firewood.There is a mother in law unit that he agreed not to rent out, well I found out once people just starting showing up to my home un-announced that he breached our contract. Our privacy is not respected what so ever. The latest incident: the owner has had so many complaints over the years regarding this property management group. She has simply decided to sell the home during our lease. The new owner plans to start a "medical marijuana" farm on the property we are still leasing. I have a 12 year old daughter that I do not want to expose to marijuana, I do not want to deal with the other issues that go along with this type of operation. I am not in a position to move at this time. My spouse is permanently disable and I am a fulltime student with a full time job. This is a very unfair situation for my family and I do be dealing with. Unfortunately, there are people in this county dealing with far worse for code enforcement to take their time to deal with my housing issues.

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