Residence Type: 
3 or 4 units
Landlord Type: 
3109 king street property management; pre-judgment right of possession trustors

RG09481107 Alameda County Superior Court Judge August 25, 2010, takes matter off calendar; Property Asset Management, Inc vs Brown. Attorney David Endres got the property from Pite and Duncan Trust Account where the Original Trustor from 2001 Lisa Swain-Morris employed at Charles Swabb had purchased the building in HUD Loan; it was found later that lead based paint current today was on the building and in the yard too. There was a lease signed with Brian Coleman and children and Ami Brown. Ami Brown gave this information to Real estate broker Harold Joseph Hutchens responding to affilated brokers letter to view the property. after making payments to Pite and Duncan the account was transferred to attorney David Endres whom is the subject of several laws suits around the country and in United States District Courts and Bankruptcy Courts. Property Asset Management is a Lehman Brothers Holdings Property and Lisa Swain-Morris Bankruptcy Case is related filed in NEW YORK 10-13222 so david endres can show no relationship tp Lehman Brothers but we can as trustors on the notes currently being sued by alameda county employees retirement association

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