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Single unit
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i rented a home about 2 1/2 years ago. i was told the person i talked to and met was a friend of the owner. the wife and husband got married and then needed to rent out the house i'm living in. i met the owner and he seems pretty nice. he signed the lease and i right him the checks every month. but i send the check to this friend that i first met when i got the house. we call her for everything and he gets a hold of this owner and he comes out to take care of whatever there is to take care of.
so last febuary right before we wrote out the check for the rent, my husband opens this letter and it says the house is in default for forecloser and its to this lady karen. now we have always recieved mail for this person and thought she was just the previous tenant.
so i call my to go person (lisa, which is the lady who showed us the house) and she told me she didn't know anything about it. later called me back and tells me that she spoke to paul which was the owner that singed the lease and tells me to save my money and move out because most likely i will not get my deposit back.
i've been in the house for about 5 months now still looking for a place. yesterday a realitor shows up at my door with a letter from the home owner name karen. letters states i owe $6,000.00 of back pay rent and i need to leave and gives me 60 days. i told the realitor that i was informed that i can stop paying rent and start looking for a place. that is exactly what i have been doing.
i dont know what else i can do? i dont know if she is going to fight for that 6 thousand dollars and give my an eviction record. i didn't do anything wrong.
now my understanding is that karen and paul are both the owners of the house. karen having 80 percent of the house. i really dont know anymore. i'm just really frustrated and confused now.
i didn't contact this lisa lady and she told me that paul and karen are not on speaking terms. so then really.... i'm just stuck in between.
can the owner really come back and collect all that back pay from me? i didn't know who she was. all along i thought paul was the owner and even he singed the lease. now of course the lease has been over since october because they never came back to renew the lease with me and i was living month to month.
please.... if anyone out there knows what i can do, please help. i do not have money to get a lawyer.

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