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Private Landlord -- No Rent Control

I signed a lease listing myself as the sole occucpant. My daughter is now coming to live with me during one semester of college in a 1600 sq ft home. As soon as I told the landlords they immediately slapped an extra $150.00 fee on top of my already hefty rent. I have asked them for where it says there is an extra charge, and HOW MUCH IT IS, if my daughter, my CHILD, comes to live with me. They have not produced anything because there is nothing stating that. Am I wrong in thinking that they should have disclosed this and where did they come up with $150.00. I paid 6 months rent up front since I had not worked while I was raising my children and had no work 'history'. Please tell me if I am bound by law to just pay up, whatever they choose to charge me with NO forwarning? Thank you so much, I'm at wits end.

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