Los Angeles
Residence Type: 
2 units
Landlord Type: 
Private Landlord -- Rent Control

Right now I live in a nice place but have recently had a baby and now need to move. I am a section 8 recipient and am writing to voice my concerns about how most section 8 tenants are forced into low income neighborhoods because the owners of properties in nice neighborhoods don't want to rent to section 8 tenants. I live in Los Angeles and I cannot begin to tell you how many times I have heard a property owner say " we don't participate in the section 8 program or no section 8 or we don't accept section 8". I feel this is a legal way of discriminating against low income people. My family deserves to live in a nice neighborhood. My children deserve to grow up away from gangs and the perils of the ghetto. I feel there should be a law that property owners must at least give section 8 tenants a chance let us fill out a application and screen us as they would any other tenant. without such a law they are legally discriminating against us, what is their reason for denying us the housing they get paid their rent with section 8 so the only reason I can think of is because they don't want to deal with "low income people" and the stigma that that title carries. This is sad that not enough of us speak out against this discrimination if all of us did maybe we could see a change and these property owners would see we "low income people" are not evil or bad or dirty or criminals what ever it is they think, all I want is a chance at a nice life and to not be confined to the ghetto.

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