L. A.
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Private Landlord -- Rent Control

Hello, I'm A Husband And Father That's Been Going Thru Hardship... I Have Been Living With My Parents For Nearly 3 Years Due To The Dissolution Of My Previous Relationship. I Have Been Trying And Trying To Get Back On My Feet... I Was Enrolled In A Trade Tech College And Just In The Middle Of My Course I'm Diagnosed With Kidney Cancer & Had To Go Thru The Procedure Of Having It Removed. That Was A Major Set Back & Thank God I Made It, Then After A Year And A Half I Try Going Back And I Have Not Been Able To Get Back Into Class Due To High Demand In That Field... Just Recently My Dr. Tells Me I've Gotten Diabetes Type 2! It's Just Been So Much Heartache... My Father Filed A Unlawful Retainer Against Me And My Wife Knowing We Have No Where To Go, I've Applied To Low Income Housing And Thank God One Called Us And Were Wasting For Housing Authority To Give Us The Ok. I've Been Going To Mental Therapy For About 2 Years Now Due To A Very Abusive,Violent,And Physical Abuse From Childhood From My Father. I Don't Know If My Story Is Irrelevant To This Site, Just Needed My Story To Be Told From Me.

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