Residence Type: 
Single unit
Landlord Type: 
Private Landlord -- No Rent Control

In a nutshell. I am being evicted based on a term lease expiration. I was renting a house for 5 years in Chatworth, CA. During that 5 years, the landlords were constantly disturbing my quiet enjoyment by making up excuses to come to the house to work on mainly the dam sprinklers. Not having sense enough to leave when they got here. I expressed my annoyances to them on many occasions. I renewed the lease 3 times because I wanted to stay in the area since my daughter was in high school. She graduated in June 2014. The rent was increased during the five years from $1,950 to $2,200. My lease expired 8/28/14. I informed the landlords that I would not be able to vacate by that time and asked if I could have until the end of the year, they said no. One day after the lease expired, on 8/29/14, they filed an unlawful detainer. I fought the case and recently lost the case. In my opinion, the lease was not renewed because I did not want the landlords in my face all the time and they want to move someone else in so that they can charge them more rent since the rents in the area have increased. I was paying $2,200 a month. Greed and retaliation are the reasons why the lease was not renewed. Their attorney Robert Corsun, located in Sherman Oaks, CA does not play by the court rules as related to Rule 8.25. Service, filing, and filing fees. I will be writing to the State Bar regarding him.

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