Residence Type: 
3 or 4 units
Landlord Type: 
Government/Public Housing

Hi my name is Angela I have been on section 8 for 13years I alway got a 3 bedroom voucher but a year ago gave me my new voucher as normal I was allowed to rent a 3 bedroom house so I moved in than after 6month living in the home contacts me telling me they made a mistake I should of only been allowed a 2 bedroom so I am now paying almost all the rent amount And was stuck on a year lease with a slum land lord house is falling apart roof haves holes water leaking in the house I went to section 8 office try to speak to my case worker they never let me speak to her I explained to section 8 I live with my grown son and grown daughter there is no way I can move in a 2 bedroom house they said to me will someone can sleep on the couch I am very upset need to move asap but I can't move in a 2 bedroom house I need a 3 bedroom like my section 8 voucher said but section 8 is refusing to give me a 3 bedroom voucher I don't no what to do we cant live in this house where living in now it's falling apart and dealing with a slum landlord and property management that don't and won't fix anything we are so unhappy can anyone give me advise that's a will help fix this I need help from some can help me fix this problem please help thank you

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