Residence Type: 
Mobile home
Landlord Type: 
Private Landlord -- No Rent Control

My name is Ana and I'm a mother of five children we are originally from Salinas, ca my life has change dramatically 3 years ago when my father in law past away my husnand change completly to a happy and goofy person he became angry and kept to himself we moved to arizona hoping he would cope better out there but we eneded up coming back to live where my parents lived at in Tracy, Ca A year ago we moved in with our neighbor my mom used to watch her kids she was going to rent us a very small camper trailer but then I suggested to get a big trailer because we're a family of 7 she agreed we move the trailer to her property that we ended up making a deal with our other neighbors who sold us the trailer she know the struggles i had just gone thru and said she wpuld help us we wpuld help each other out, there was no appliances in the trailer there was a lot of things missing we fixed up the trailer we put up drywall painted and put texture the husband wanted to raise up the the rent because of the bigger trailer and I pushed him back and they said nevermind but I don't think he was very happy with what was going on yeah we would pay them rent every month on time we put in a carpet report all the places for the trailer the fridge the stove countertops for the kitchen kitchen sink the toilet for the bathroom the sink for the bathroom medicine cabinet the AC unit and somehow they just didn't want us here because they wanted to rent the trailer for a lot more than what we were paying and now she is evicting us with nothing to prove that  we haven't paid rent which we did she didnt serve me with the summons all she went to the courts was with her verbal testimony and because she hired a lawyer.  She has this family living in the smallest trailer who was supposed to move in our trailer once we moved out I have five minor children that depend on me I am stressed and struggling with the fact that we have to move out by tuesday we have no family in the area whatsoever that would help us out we also paid to connect  the water and the electricity for the trailer to be working and all her husband has done is neglected everything else that we had agreed on him doing and due to his neglect my daughter a 5 years old got injured and dislocated her elbow. I dont normally reach out to things like this buti cant seem to find a way out to keep my children from living out inn the streets i wish i had some type of help because this is so unfair and most importantly the ones more affected are my kids.

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