Residence Type: 
Mobile home
Landlord Type: 
Private Landlord -- No Rent Control

My story is long and complicated. The first 2 months I lived here, my electric bill was extremely high. PG&E would tell me my meter was fine. They only handle from the meter out. I went to my landlord and told him my central air unit ran constantly even when off. I wanted it checked. He never sent anyone. 4 months of high bills and we asked again in Dec 2012. His solution to the problem was to write a new agreement, removing my husband, so that I may start new service in my name. I was not present when 2nd agreement was made. My husband signed my name. That did not work and we ended up having to pay a very large bill. The following month my electric bill drastically lowered. From almost $700 down to $132. It continued to be lower for next 3 months. In march we began getting numerous deliveries from fedex and ups. The woman on the contact info.insisted the address was correct. We found out that our neighbors who live in a trailer were using our address. I always thought the mail we were receiving belonged to previous tenants. The property is an almond orchard and includes my LL home, the neighbors trailer and my rental, a double wide manufactured. We asked our LL about a shared address. He denied it and denied knowing the name of the woman using our address. I started looking. Our mailboxes are on the hwy across the street. The neighbors did not have one or an address at all. The next month my electric went up to $600. It continued to rise. My last bill was $850. Requested maintenance. Something was wrong and I knew it. My LL blatantly ignored the issue. My power was turned off on July 5th I simply could not afford it. I told my LL in July that I was not purposely trying to burn him on rent but that something was wrong and I needed to get it worked out before I made full rent payment. Please note that on June 1, I paid $300 in advance for July. I withheld $200 in July. My rent is due on 7th. My LL issued a 3 day on Aug. 6th. My husband offered back rent and LL refused it. He wanted us out. My electric was still off. PG&E wanted $2000 to restore service. We had been staying at motels at night because of my 4 yr old. But we stayed at house during the day until my son would come home from his program. We were essentially paying rent at 2 places. I began packing up my home the week of Aug 12th. LL said we had a few weeks but he wanted us out. When I arrived at my home on Aug. 19th, everything that had been in my living room was now in the driveway with a trailer backed up to it. The owner was there and another man who identified himself as an employee of the owner. The owners son acted as my LL. The worker continued to move my belongings and IT asked him to stop. Arguing ensued. I explained that IS was packing but did not have money for storage or truck until the next weekend. Owner offered to pay for storage and I accepted on the condition that I was able to pack my own belongings and supervise what was being taken out of my house. The 2 men agreed to stop for the day and I was to continue packing and was to be back at the home at 10am the next morning to pack and clean
The next day I arrived before 10. As soon as the 2 men got there they started ordering me to "get my shit out". The worker was outside THROWING my things into the trailer, calling me a "bitch" and threatening to take my belongings to the dump. I was distraught and crying. The worker called the owners son and demanded that I talk to him. My LL threatened me over the phone and told me I had done $10000 worth of damage. I decided I would not be rushed. I would clean and take pictures. I called the Sheriff. The Sheriff came after numerous calls and told the owner it was illegal. The 2 men stopped for the day. On Wed. I arrived to most of the remainder of my belonging piled at the front door and the worker was changing locks. He ordered me to "get my shit out of his way". He had begun pulling carpet. I told him IN was going to get my daughter to help me and IT would be back. We came back and moved things out of his way. We asked the owner if we could put some of it in the storage area. The owner said yes, he just wanted the carpet to be pulled up. I still had dressers and night stands in the bedrooms. They were very heavy and would require additional help to move them. We made sure that the carpet was pulled from underneath of these things and left. On Thurs. I arrived to see that my dressers had been thrown out and were broken. Everything from the storage area lay on the side of the house in a pile and the owners wife was walking around looking at all of my things. I got out if car and went to front door. Worker came out, locks it with a key and stood in front of it. I said nothing and left. On Fri. I was in battle mode. I arrived very early and took videos and pics. I called my mother and asked her to bring her to bring her truck. The worker arrived shortly after. He did not enter the house and no words were spoken. I loaded my mothers truck and my car with things that were most important to me and took them to storage unit. When I came back, worker was gone. I sent LL a text "it is my intent to occupy. I will gain entry to house. Please advise anyone who chooses to come that they are being recorded." I sat and waited. The owner came first and invited me to eat and talk. I said no. I did not want to talk with him. He is elderly and I did not want to hurt his feelings. I wanted to speak with his son, the man who had always acted as my landlord. An hour later a woman comes. She says I will be arrested. I said bring it. I am staying here. She returned an hour later and threatened me with weapons. My daughter came next. We opened a small window and she was able to unlock the door. A few of my belongings still remained in the house. I had been contacting Fair Housing since July. They were never much help. On Thurs. the woman at Fair Housing that IS had been speaking to told me to occupy. But she basically said that if the LL did not listen to Sheriff they would not listen to her. After we had gained entry my LL showed up he entered without asking permission and threatened some more. Then he left and called Sheriff. The deputy came and first made sure we had not done any damage. He then began interrogating my daughter and I about our incomes. My daughter did not reside there. He asked me what I wanted. I said $3000 for missing and damaged property and for being intimidated, harassed and threatened all week. At this point my electric bill was $2800. He told me to leave my phone and come outside. He told my daughter to stay in the house. Sheriff Deputies usually come in pairs. He was alone. I obeyed. He walked me out to the middle if the property and had me stand while he went over to where my LL was standing. I could here them laughing. They both walked over to me and the deputy said "he is not giving you anything. And if he was trying to harass you, he could have you arrested for bulgary". I knew better. I had spoken with a sergeant that morning. I asked if I was under arrest and the deputy said no. I returned to my home. 2 days later I found a 30 day taped to door. I forgot to say that the first 3 day had a management co. to make payment to. The office does not exist. I have continued to occupy. I have filed a small claims but court systems are backed up. I was served UD last week. I have filed a demurrer for obvious fraud in the 30 day they submitted in complaint. The complaint does not say why I am being evicted nor lists any back rent owed. Hearing is set for Nov 4th. I am now drafting discovery papers. I called code enforcement on sept. 26th and asked what to do about mail situation. The woman told me my home had no permit. She also said they were going to handle it. After leaving numerous messages last week and not getting a return call, I went to the inspections building. The woman who came out to speak to me only said "there are 2 permits for mobiles". She would not answer questions or look me in the eye. She asked if I was being evicted and she said go talk to environmental health. The man over there informed me that if I requested they come out, I would be locked out for not having electricity. I do not believe my home was ever permitted as residential occupancy. I intend to find out. Today when I arrived at the house, all doors were wide open and beer cans and wine bottles littered the floor. Someone had come in. They are trying to scare me. I called Sheriff to report breaking and entering and was basically laughed at by deputy who called me back. I plan to go to Sheriff office and make reports for everything. I have called every organization I can find. No lawyer will touch me. I am not ignorant anymore. My husband left my child and IT when this all started. My sister rents from my LL also and will not speak to me. My parents are no help. I am a single mother of a disabled child and I will not be intimidated. I am fighting for my rights and I intend on winning. Landlords should not be allowed to do this without having consequences.

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