Los Angeles
Residence Type: 
10-19 units
Landlord Type: 
Private Landlord -- No Rent Control

My current address is not where this issue occurred.
I rented an apartment from Gary Townsend at the 2523 N Street, Apt #6 in Sacramento, CA 95816 for 2 1/2 yrs while on work assignment. I gave him two months written notice via letter prior to moving out. Within the letter I requested to have us do a final walk-through to review apartment conditions and reminded him of this the day before the move, to come to do the walk. He never showed and did not return my call.
When I requested the security deposit, after 21 days, he indicated that he had sent a check. After a month of waiting I called him; he indicated that the check must have gotten lost in the mail and he was going to cancel the original check and send another check. After three additional weeks and no check I called him to give him my bank account electronic information for direct payment. He stopped returning my calls after that.
I had him served and Small Claims Court found Judgement against him. He still has not paid after the 30-day waiting period and has decided to ignore a Certified letter requesting payment. It was returned to me by USPS.
There are several other tenants to whom he has done the same thing. One of the other tenants has also received judgement in her favor, for twice the dollar amount, and he has not paid her either.
We are both now in the process of taking him back to court to show list of assets and explain to the court why he has not paid back the Security Deposit after judgement. He has, at this time, kept my security deposit for 7 months without repayment.

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