Mountain View Tenants Coalition (MVTC)

The MVTC is a tenant-centered movement comprised of a diverse range of people who have in common a desire to protect renters' rights and to fight for the human right to housing for all.  Our mission and goals are as follows:

  • We aim to strengthen tenants’ political power through education, advocacy and direct action.
  • We organize against landlord harassment, unjustified rent increases, evictions without just cause, and displacement.
  • We demand truly affordable and safe housing and no net loss of affordable housing.
  • We oppose the demolitions of rent-stabilized apartments.
  • We work in collaboration with other Mountain View groups who are working for housing justice for tenants, protections for vehicle residents, and stabilization for mobile home rental spaces.
  • We advocate for no detrimental changes to the Community Stabilization and Fair Rent Act (CSFRA) because we need more tenant protections in Mountain View, not less.

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