Eviction Defense Collaborative

The EDC provides legal assistance to people who are in legal proceedings for eviction in San Francisco. EDC connects tenants directly with the attorney that will represent them for free through trial.

EDC also runs the Rental Assistance Disbursement Component (RADCo) program, which provides interest-free loans and grants to tenants residing inSan Francisco who have fallen behind in their rent due to a temporary financial setback.

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Rental Assistance Disbursement Component (RADCo) eligibility criteria: 1) You live in San Francisco and are not a Housing Authority tenant; 2) Your household has sufficient income to pay your future rent and expenses 3) You plan to stay in your home for at least six months; Note: You do not have to have a three-day notice to qualify for rental assistance. Likewise, you may still be able to get help even if you have already been sued for eviction. // Refer to website for needed intake documentation No immigration status/documentation needed
(415) 659-9184

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