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"DAYTONA BEACH -- Dozens of pieces of furniture, mattresses, lamps and other assorted household items were scattered across Magnolia Avenue late Friday afternoon after several renters were kicked out of two houses lost to foreclosures."
The number of rent controlled apartments in New York City has declined from 155,361 in 1987 to less than 40,000 today. Many of these units are owned by landlords who seemingly neglect the apartments and their elderly tenants who have lived there since WWII.
A law before the California Assembly will give tenants the right to sue landlords who evict them illegally.
The Governor has vetoed Assemblymember Alberto Torrico's bill, AB 2586, which contained basic protections for tenants during foreclosures. The bill was sponsored by the Western Center on Law and Poverty.
SB 120 would provide greater protections to tenants in foreclosure situations
"Montgomery County officials are resisting extensive changes to housing policies -- primarily rent control -- presented in a report Tuesday that outlines ways to keep renters from being priced out of the wealthy suburb."
The New York Observer responds to a New York Post article on elderly tenants in rent-controlled units.
San Francisco housing rights activists bring media attention to a building left empty while at least 6,000 San Franciscans go unhoused.
A new San Francisco law require sellers and purchasers to give tenants written disclosure of certain tenant rights before and after the sale of rental property.
SB 290 would preserve the requirement for a 60-day notice to terminate tenancy in "no fault" evictions.
"WHITE PLAINS - Tenants in regulated apartments in Westchester will see no rent increases for both one- and two-year leases in the coming year under a decision tonight by the Westchester Rent Guidelines Board."
The Wall Street Journal zeroes in on statistics listed in a New York Post story about elders in rent-controlled apartments.
According to The Onion, aristocrats are moving in on nation's gentrified neighborhoods. Aristocrats, in turn, complain that they are being subject to "regification."
Proposal calls for banks to continue renting to tenants after foreclosure and to act as responsible landlords.
"A group of renters and community activists have established a Montgomery County Renters Alliance, saying it will be the first countywide organization to advocate for renters’ rights."
In the 35 years they have been protected by rent control, Washington, D.C. tenants have still had to fight for their rights.
Causa Justa :: Just Cause to participate in Occupy San Francisco, in support of housing justice.
A hearing will be held this Tuesday, July 1st at 2:00 PM with the LA City Council Planning and Land Use Management committee (PLUM) and Housing, Community Economic Development (HCED) committee. The hearing will address a proposal to reduce tenant relocation payments in "no-fault" evictions.
A group of tenants’ rights advocates gathered outside the Santa Barbara County Administration Building demanding that supervisors stiffen the rules governing how much relocation assistance landlords have to provide displaced renters and under what circumstances.

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