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Los Angeles launches a county-wide initiative to address a growing senior population. A part of the initiative will be focused on helping LA seniors deal with rising rental costs.
  • Los Angeles
Paul Hogarth of Beyond Chron covers Oakland's rally against Prop 98.
  • Alameda
This article covers a bill before the Senate Judiciary Committee that would allow rental property owners to ban smoking. Advocates for the poor express concern that the bill could lead to evictions of rent controlled tenants who violate a smoking ban.
April 28, 2008
ABC News covers the story of a Stockton family who find themselves in a tight rental market as a result of being evicted from their rented home due to a foreclosure.
  • San Joaquin
Dean Preston of Tenants Together explains to KCBS that Proposition 98 would eliminate basic renter protections in California.
April 28, 2008
A Marin court decision, which would eliminate rent control for mobile home owners, leaves thousands fearing that they will lose their homes due to mortgage payments and increasing rents.
  • Marin
Governor Schwarzenegger joins other California Republicans, including Senator Diane Feinstein and former Governor Pete Wilson in opposing Proposition 98
On Friday, April 25, Governor Schwarzenegger announced his opposition to Prop 98, which, if it passes, would abolish rent control in California.
The San Francisco Chronicle reports the story of a landlord couple being charged with terrorizing tenants in their South of Market building. Charges stem from such acts as cutting out floor supports, shutting off electricity, breaking and entering, and theft.
  • San Francisco
April 24, 2008
Palm Springs' Desert Sun reports on the plight of an estimated 2,000 to 10,000 residents who live in homes on Native American land. Residents of one park, Duroville, named after owner Hary Duro, are awaiting a ruling on whether or not the mobile park will be closed.
  • Riverside
  • San Bernardino
New dramatic "Yes on 98" radio ads draw on fear of eminent domain, but fail to mention that Proposition 98 would abolish rent control.
This Daily News article discusses the fear of the impact that Proposition 98 would have on renters in California, focusing on tenants and the rental market in the Los Angeles area.
  • Los Angeles
Pasadena Star-News reports on the effect that Proposition 98 would have on renters throughout California in eliminating rental protections, as well as affordable housing in the city of Pasadena.
April 22, 2008
The Sacramento Bee reports that former Governor Pete Wilson has publicly opposed Proposition 98.
The Sacramento Bee looks at the business side of California's rental market. With more and more Californians becoming tenants, rents in California have been steadily increasing, as much as thirty percent over three years in some areas. According to the article, one exception is Sacramento, where availability of apartments is still keeping up with the demand. This is due, in part, to newly foreclosed homes being put on the rental market.
  • Sacramento
The Modesto Bee profiles an elderly tenant struggling to get her security deposit back from the new owner after losing her home during a foreclosure.
Mortgage News Daily reports on a study which found the no one earning minimum wage in California is able to afford a decent rental unit.
The San Francisco Examiner cites statistics on California's rising rents.
April 9, 2008
David Lazarus of the Los Angeles Times covers the plights of LA renters being priced out of their homes.
  • Los Angeles
San Francisco and San Mateo have the fourth highest rents in the country, according to a new nation-wide study.
  • Contra Costa
  • Monterey
  • Santa Clara
  • Santa Cruz
  • Alameda

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