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The Wall Street Journal zeroes in on statistics listed in a New York Post story about elders in rent-controlled apartments.
In the 35 years they have been protected by rent control, Washington, D.C. tenants have still had to fight for their rights.
Baltimore blogger quotes stats that may indicate an end to the recent city trend of lower rents.
GMAC Mortgage freezes foreclosures in 23 states due to improper practices.
Chicago organizations work to inform area renters how to assert their rights against banks trying to evict them following a landlord foreclosure.
Massachusetts law firm is accused of sending unlawful eviction notices to tenants, in violation of a state law intended to keep tenants in their homes.
The St. Paul, MN, neighborhood is 55 percent rentals.
Cook County Sheriff Dart's month-long moratorium on evictions comes to an end.
A Pennsylvania city considers charging property owners for building inspections, as a means to address both habitability issues and budget concerns.
Judge Green orders FL-based special servicer LNR Property to make $2.5 million in repairs at 10 foreclosed buildings in the Bronx.
California-based management company Proresidential has failed to pay the water bill for its tenant-occupied apartment complex in Oklahoma. The city has moved to shut off water service, and tenants have until Christmas to vacate.
Senior tenants of the famed New York building fight back against the building owner who is claiming hardship.
A Walnut Creek family that fell victim to identity theft finds their damaged credit makes it difficult to rent an apartment.
A law before the California Assembly will give tenants the right to sue landlords who evict them illegally.
San Francisco housing rights activists bring media attention to a building left empty while at least 6,000 San Franciscans go unhoused.
Causa Justa :: Just Cause to participate in Occupy San Francisco, in support of housing justice.
A billionaire who housing activists say displaced families in Oakland now has his sights on a project in Berkeley.

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