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My leasing agent called me at the end of the 12 month lease. He placed a standard 8% increase and offered me to renew the lease for either 6 month or 12 months. I felt pressured. I resisted and said I'm going MTM (month to month). He said they don't offer month to month lease renewals, but he can do a 2 months lease. I said no. He said that they needed a commitment. He wanted to know why I didn't want to renew my lease. I said I didn't want to commit. Then came a different form of pressure - he stated "By signing a lease, the power is with you over us to prevent you from being vacated".

Elizabeth Diane

This is a senior's complex. We have fixed incomes. They used to increase the rent by $10 increments, now is $25.
I am 73 years old, I have been living here for 14 years and I always place my Christmas decorations during that time of the year.
Now, we have a new person under the tittle "property supervisor: and she took over the office of our Resource Coordinator and gave us 30-notice to remove all the "welcome" mats and any decoration.
Those decorations brighten our days, also represents our faith because we are Christians.


I was picketing outside of senior apts.Now manager have lied an said that I go around assulting tenants and employees to not only get me out of here but also to get me to lose my SECTION 8. I will be out in the streets with my dogs because no one is going to rent to me with what they have put on paper. I have no money for a lawyer.

Elizabeth Diane

I have been living at this apartment for a little over 14 years.
We have different managers and different expectations.
We are seniors with fix income, however, the rent used to be increased by $10.00 increments, however, now, the increments are $25 (more than double)
The manager makes a lot of noise for the widow living below her (like taking showers after midnight)but she made the widow below her unit, to remove an American Flag she had on her patio.


I volunteer to help homeless disabled find housing. In SLO County, all the subsidized housing projects have waiting lists years long, and the overwhelming majority of private landlords and property managemewnt companies refuse to accept Sec. 8, even thos who used to accept it a few years ago. Some states have a law requiring all landlords to accept Sec, 8, but CA does not. CA has a law requiring non-discrimination on the bais of income, but the state dept. ruled that "income" only includes income paid directly to the tenant, not Sec. 8, which is in-kind income paid to the landlord.


The new landlord at this residence is a slumlord. He does not maintain the premises, pool routinely shut down by health dept, he illegally mandates increases in both rent and security deposits, does illegal construction on premises, caught dumping caustic pool chemicals to the public street, implemented reduced tenant access to onsite resources, shuts off plumbing routinely without prior notice, and evicts tenants who cause him any form of problem when they stand up for their rights.


Since I've been here 5 years ago, this was my very first ap. And upon signing and taken him at his word. I found roaches, spiders, and stains of what I believe to be mold. My stove went out last year, it took four months to get another one. and when the a/c went out knowing how long it took for a stove, im on heat meds, so home depot was my best bet. I gave him back his free on craigslist a/c

People Organized for Westside Renewal (POWER)

People Organized for Westside Renewal (POWER) is a membership-based community organizing group. We employ a community organizing strategy based on relationship building and direct action to create meaningful change in the neighborhoods where we work. We start locally, working on issues that matter to people in our communities, such as affordable housing, community safety, and quality education. 

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