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Hello, my landlord is trying to get rid of me by tenancy termination. The lady property manager plays favorites with some neighbors. She is telling me to leave without good cause. I am a disabled veteran on limited income and live with at least 1 roommate always to make it affordable to pay rent. I have strong evidence of retaliation by landlord. I am appalled that CA laws favor landlords so much and leave tenants with limited legal options to take on unfair landlords. I feel this termination of my tenancy notice is because I complained about something being unsafe here.


moved from Costa Mesa, Calif., had paid 900.00 for two bedroom town house, was immaculate when I moved in 10 yrs ago. Life changes in respect to outcomes not planned by me, I found opportunity or so I thought, to move to Baning ca., where my mother of 72 yrs. lived and could need some help, I moved. I found a 2 bed 2 bath for 900.00, and accepted pets which i wanted. Was shown an apt. that would be comparable to the one they were ready for rental. I moved in upon stressful conditions; unemployment , living with relatives, etc.

Mary Luz

I experienced discrimination in housing because of my family size and my daughter's and my own disability. I also had problems with mold in my apartment that the landlord didn't want to take care of. Tenant Organizing is important because people need to know what their rights are and to learn how to keep their housing. Through my circumstances I learned how to fight back and educate my neighbors to defend their rights and go to the right agencies before they lose their housing.

Inquilinos Unidos

Inquilinos Unidos (United Tenants) empowers low-income Los Angeles tenants through community organizing, education and advocacy. We also work on legislative efforts, tenant rights training and strategy planning, and class action or taxpayer lawsuits to address the most egregious housing violations.

IU offers Tenant Resource Clinics at its office on Mondays from 4:00 to 6:30 pm, as well as walk-in services on Wednesday and Friday from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm. Tenants may also call the IU office and leave a message for call-back assistance.

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Legal Services of Northern California

LSNC is a federal, state and local-funded legal services program providing civil representation to low-income clients in 23 counties in Northern California. 

Housing priorities address: Assisting clients with the creation and preservation of low-income housing, tenants rights, evictions and lock outs, foreclosures, quality of housing, mobile homes, mitigation of homelessness, termination of utilities, unsafe housing, and lost of shelter because of natural disasters.

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