After attempted to evict us the first time, the judge ruled in our favor for them having breached contract.due to uninhabitability, severe t roach infestation and judge lowered our rent.onwner retaliated and on filed a second eviction,no merit,no privity,frivolous.we gave $6500 in court. On 3/17/2015.They files a three day notice unbeknownst to us for $800.we were never served.default judgment by horrible commissioner in long beach.


A domestic crime victim and daughter a crime victim herself after reporting landlord sued because i had to relocate for our safety and Landlord has now taken all of our basic living resources even my disables daughter benefits and haven found anyone to help


My son lives in Glendale Ca. with his other mom for shook and visits me on weekends. When he comes he plays in the play area right out my door, usually soccer with the kids in my complex. We have a new Manager who had without my knowledge last November told the kids they could not play there because a window had been broken and they had to go to the park next door which was not safe. I looked outside and saw my son was gone called him and went to the park immediately where the boys from the complex were including my son were playing soccer.


In June of 2012, my three children and i moved into a 4 vedroom rental unit with the assistance of the government (section 8).

What started as a happy beginning, quickly became one of the hardest struggle ive ever encountered.


Hola mi nonbre es mary perdon pero notengo animo para escribir la verdad ya estoy muy cansada de luchar y luchar buscando alguna persona que pueda ayudarme siento ganas de morir ya son muchos los anos de sufrimiento agreciones acoso difamacion rasismo y discriminacion como abuso angustias dolores de cavesa y trastornos alimenticios alos cuales me reslto calculos viliares por la mala alimentacion y.


In March of 2013 I rented a townhouse through a property management company. I pay my rent through a direct deposit on website. On May 1, 2015, I went online and paid my rent. The system was unusually slow as the company is updating it. A week or so later sent me an email and then a notice that I owed them $100 late fees because my rent which is due on the first of every month hit their systmen at 12:04 AM on May 2, 2015.


I moved in with a guy in the police academy. A week later his mom comes over and says oh you have to leave we rented room out to someone else AFTER I already moved in. They refused my money and I wasn't able to just leave after just moving in. She did not live there. So they started to harass me. Went through my room, private stuff and locking me out of house. They went and tried to force me to sign bogus documents and tried to file a frivolous lawsuit. I had every legal right to be there but because it was so bad I had to flee as soon as possible.


Hello my name is Gabriela
I use to stay at michigan ave
Los angeles my nightmare began about
more than a year ago when my water&power were disconnected due to non payment
Disconnected 08-00-00 anyways i tried calling my landlord about the fact that even tho it was a breach of.contract on his behalf confirming that the lease stated Owner or landlord is responsible for water, sewer, trash and landscaping


I spoke to Sabrina today one of the housing counselors and she told me to share my story. I really need it published I need to draw attention as I am sure there are more people like me.


On May 14, 2015 I contacted the Better Business Bureau for help with a concern about late fees that the property management company I pay rent to charged me. After the BBB contacted the Management, the company retaliated against me and served my 84 year mother, my daughter and me with a 60 day notice on May 19, 2015 to move out by July 18, 2015. They stated to the BBB that I have registered excessive maintenance requests I believed that I was within my legal rights to inquire with the BBB and my obligation to let the company know of impinge nance issues but it seems that I am not.

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