Me and my 5 year old son had a week left on our stay at the homeless shelter; I had to find a place asap.
I drove by my old apartment complex and noticed unit #1 was vacant. We got the apartment and moved in. Same landlord so I felt ok even though the apartment was in terrible shape; it needed a make over. My landlord instructed me to contact the maintenance man and have him start repairs. 11 days in.....nothing.


I paid a $900 deposit on a one-bedroom $650 apartment that was infested with cockroaches when I moved in. Landlord promptly tried to blame me for the infestation and does not respond to certified letters asking for pest control. Neighbors refuse to let pest control serviceman in, and so landlords refuse to fine them or force them to let him in, so nobody even tries. I am currently living with fighting cockroaches constantly and nothing helps much because the neighbors share walls with me and they are infested.


I am a disabled senior in residency in Albany, CA who has been the target of discrimination for the eleven years since moving here; I'm the victim of wrongful eviction 4 times since 2004; the current landlord wants me out, rather than comply with the ADA; the Disabled Person's and Unruh Acts; the landlord claims my removal is so he may remodel and sell his unit;although many renters here became lst time home owners after renting their units; my landlord says he's 'opting out of Section 8'; though they help pay my rent and help first time home buyers too; there are many vacancies here; th


So my mom lives in an apartment complex she is now being evicted.the aprtment are in terrible condition.They have cockroaches bed bugs and its just they had a a court not so long ago and they said that apartment where in good living conditions since most of the people who live in this complex only apeak spanish they are afraid to speak mom was awarded $3,000 for bad living conditions but she has never recieved that she recieved an eviction letter that she has to leave in 3 months.just this month a few people send their rents and have proof they send it and the l


landlord continually stops by to adjust timer for yard sprinklers. threatened evictions for not having lawnmower or rack, told him hired guy to do lawn, had to meet him to tell him how he wanted grass - I'm paying for svc. I pay water, new ordinance water twice weekly, landlord changed timer and put lock on box - he watering 3 times a week. reported to code compliance. now wants to come over & put low flow shower heads. he stops by every 2-3 weeks. we have no peace in the home we rent. I have IBS, I was out on disability due to stress he caused.


got behind on rent, mobile home park filed UD. I answered. went to court on 6/30 made a stipulated agreement I was to pay $2000. down and $900 on top of rent until, back rent paid, started on 7/15 and th 15th of the month until paid $4300 owed in back rent and $1800 attorneys fees and court costs. I gave them $4500 in the 1st two weeks. on 7/15 plaintiff received 800 INSTEAD OF THE AGREED 900 FROM An agreed upon third party some kind of clerical error I was not aware of and never told.


After attempted to evict us the first time, the judge ruled in our favor for them having breached contract.due to uninhabitability, severe t roach infestation and judge lowered our rent.onwner retaliated and on filed a second eviction,no merit,no privity,frivolous.we gave $6500 in court. On 3/17/2015.They files a three day notice unbeknownst to us for $800.we were never served.default judgment by horrible commissioner in long beach.


A domestic crime victim and daughter a crime victim herself after reporting landlord sued because i had to relocate for our safety and Landlord has now taken all of our basic living resources even my disables daughter benefits and haven found anyone to help


My son lives in Glendale Ca. with his other mom for shook and visits me on weekends. When he comes he plays in the play area right out my door, usually soccer with the kids in my complex. We have a new Manager who had without my knowledge last November told the kids they could not play there because a window had been broken and they had to go to the park next door which was not safe. I looked outside and saw my son was gone called him and went to the park immediately where the boys from the complex were including my son were playing soccer.


In June of 2012, my three children and i moved into a 4 vedroom rental unit with the assistance of the government (section 8).

What started as a happy beginning, quickly became one of the hardest struggle ive ever encountered.

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