We moved into this house on 2/15/08. We had a choice to pay cashier's check or direct deposit, we chose direct deposit. Since he lives out of state I thought it best to pay via direct deposit. We explained to the landlord that I get paid every 2 weeks, in a years period he would get 13 months worth of rent. We agreed he would return the extra checks than to stop the direct deposit. This past year I got paid extra in August & January.


Prepared for impending sale and cash-for-keys benefits. Property went back to Lender. Locks changed, personal property removed. 90-day notice given. Illegal lockout situation.



We paid our rent and had a 1 year lease until Aug 20, 2010, with the option to buy. WITHOUT A COURT ORDER,Washington Mutual locked us out of our home, unlawfully evicting a single mother and son. Without any relocation services, without giving the deposit back within 21 days. Since then, everything in the home has been stolen. We are now homeless

I signed a one year lease option in July 2008 for 383 Calypso Beach Drive Copperopolis, California 95228,Calypso Bay Sub Division, and on August 20 2008 we moved in as scheduled.


I am not sure how to start but I will say that we moved in our dream rental 3 bedroom 2 bath home. From the moment we moved in we smelled gas. We called Pg@e and they said you must get this fixed asap. So, we called the landlord she said she would take care of it.Nothing happened for a month.


Section 8 Inspection by city housing services: bias, and punitive in Hearing (called informal Hearing when the tenant has not passed the Inspection criteria in the housing complex in which they live, etc., and personnel does not offer assistance for the elderly, disabled, and medically infirm tenants who live in their complex under Section 8 and low income. what are options? Cases and discussion about Hearing officers, and the manager, punitive and retaliates, and gangs up on tenant who has filed complaints. Tenants without funds to pay for housekeeping needs. Any helps?



I am a renter of an apartment for over 12 years… rent never late or short.
Quiet building until a new property manager started. Then problems began.


I'll try to make my story short. My Dad died on 2/15/09. I was taking care of/living with him along with my minor children. after my father died I was told that I had to be out within 24 hours and that the locks were going to be changed. Now my kids are stressed. I have to separate them and move to another county. I was never served with ANY papers. There are more details. Does anyone know if and or how I can get some legal help?? They showed up to change my locks on the same day I burried my Dad.


On 08-01-08 I moved into a back house, of a two house remodel. I let the landlord know that I wanted to build a deck and do home improvements. She and her relative Alex did not have any issues that they told me about. When in the later months around October or November I mentioned I wanted to get a roommate nothing was indicated that it would be an issue. I let the landlord know. I was suppose to get a garage door opener and never received one. My truck would not easily fit in the garage so I put my desk and computer in the garage and just used it in the garage.

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