I am being retaliatiated against, extortion, grievance hearings cancelled, private property searched during inspections, charging tenants for wear and tear, not giving  disabled with ssa bebeno  due process, constructive eviction for tenant organizing and speaking up when PHA breaks its own rules..too abundant to list.


I am 55 years old, have congenital Cerebral palsy on the left side of my body, and epilepsy. Last Nov, 2016, I moved in w/ my brother, and "rented" a room from him. Four days after I moved in, he committed battery on me (he came up behind me, and placed one of his hands around my neck, leading me to the refrigerator. No - I did not file a police report.) From Nov, 2016 to June, 2017, he would harass/shame/ and intimidate me for different things, day in/out, on a monthly basis.

California Bill Would Ban Landlords from Reporting Tenant's Immigration Status

A new bill in the state Legislature would make sure that landlords cannot use their tenant's immigration status against them.

AB 291, which has already passed in the state Assembly, would ban landlords from reporting their tenant's immigration status to Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Moreover, under the legislation, a landlord could not threaten to disclose a tenant's immigration status to evict them from the property either.


I helped ex bro in law who was behind on rent on mobile home space total 1200 I moved in shortly after and paid 400 full rent of April. I had half mobile home. I also did work on his car and paid for arts totaling 250 not labor. Still owed. On may 1 I told him I only had 200 next day I left to class came hone I was locked out. I called him said I would have the remainder of 100 plus a latefee if 40. I gave it to him went inside next day again left to class and licked out this time he won't respond to my calls. 

Oakland Landlord Faces Charges in Court, Protests from Angry Tenants

The largest private landlord in Oakland began his trial on Monday, both inside and out of federal court on Clay Street.

As Michael Marr walked into court on the day jury selection commenced in the government’s case accusing him of rigging foreclosure auctions, he was greeted by his angry East Oakland tenants, who say the trial only tells part of his misdeeds.

Marr, who owns more than 300 properties, mostly in Oakland’s flatlands, is one of four men accused of working together to suppress the prices of bids on foreclosed homes at courthouse auctions.

Proposed Law May Prevent Landlords from Threatening Undocumented Immigrants

A proposed law could prevent landlords from threatening undocumented immigrants by telling them they'll contact immigration authorities if they don't move out.

The bill that's being considered in Sacramento, would protect illegal immigrants from facing questioning from a landlord concerning immigration status, under the newly proposed measure.

The legislation would also prevent landlords from threatening to report tenants to immigration officials.

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