Two months ago, I moved into a condo that had previously been on the market for sale. Before I agreed to rent the condo, the landlord had said that the home was on the market for some time but he had just taken the home off of the market and didn't have intentions to sell. He asked for the first month, last month, and the security deposit prior to move in. Within a month and nine days of living within the unit, I received a call from the landlord informing me that the house would be for sale and that a realtor would be stopping by to see the place within half an hour.


I moved to Santa Monica in 1974 and have been renting my home ever since. In those 36 years I have lived in 16 different rentals: 10 apartments & 6 houses from Santa Monica to Santa Barbara to Daly City and finally Pacifica, CA.


So I rented this place with a roommate. and after having some disputes with her, she started lying and distorting my personal life to the landlord! Now the landlord refuses to renew my lease, AND is keeping my deposit!! When I try to confront the landlord, she calls me a liar for trying to explain things. I was served a 30 day notice for breaching the lease, even though the roommate breached the lease AND I'm liable for ANY damage throughout the apartment even though my roommate and I signed different leases.


We are 2 physically disabled elderly adults that have been wrongfully retalatorily evicted from our former residence of nearly 19 years at 3131 34 Ave. SAC. CA. for lawful just exercise of our civil rights.Through unlawful rent increases,inept/incompetent unlicensed contractors causing housing inhabitability,age/race/disability/housing discrimination,wrongful retaliatory discrimination(civil1942.5a),wrongful eviction,rigged legal case against us,we have been made wrongfully homeless in temporary housing.Can anyone help us obtain much needed urgent housing? Please help! Thank You. Scott.


Landlord had an NOD filed in august -to my knowledge never cured it - never provided proof of it and harassed my daughter and sons- I owe him for October he filed for september which was paid in cash since he was working with me on late rent- How do I get my day in court? The eviction notice was posted on my door.


me my husband and my 1 year old daughter just moved into our first apartment 2 months ago. every since the day we got ur keys we have had nothing but problems. we are a working family just tring to survive and i would call us pretty clean people. however our home is infested with flyies and there are maggets on the outside of my wall in the hall way. my landlord wont even return our calls and im afraid this will soon affect the health of my family. i have even found roaches in my kitchen droors. i dont know what to do. who can i call?


Currently I am filing an Appeal Brief in the SF Appellate Division re: 37.9(b) owner occupied section of the Ord. I was evicted in June 2009 by a 30 Day "no cause" eviction notice. I challenged it cross MSJ were filed -- because I am told I am a just cause tenant 37.9(a) but Court ruled contrary to the Ord and state law.


my mother in law moved into this park in 1993. after 2 years of litigation the park finally accepted her and my husband in 1995. now my husband has been here for 16 years. I moved in around 2002. my mother in law moved to auburn in 2006, to take care of dying family. the park has started our illeagle proceedings again. in 1993 they (landlord attorney) complained about terry riding his bicycle in the park. now we are getting letters about his son riding his bicycle in the park. they are trying to say we are here illeagley. we have to reregister with the park.


“We paid our rent and we had a lease”.

Washington Mutual unlawfully locks a mother and her son, out of their home!

We paid our rent and had a 1 year lease until Aug 20, 2010, with the option to buy. WITHOUT A COURT ORDER, Washington Mutual locked us out of our home, unlawfully evicting a single mother and son. Without any relocation services, without giving the deposit back and we are now homeless.

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