I have been renting a mobile home on 11 acres for the last 7 years. I rented it in good faith from the landlord. Just recently, as a result of the well collapsing on the property, and the landlord do nothing to fix or repair it. Leaving us to obtain our own water for the last 11 months. Purchasing 55 gallon drums to transport the water & 250 gallon tanks to attach to the house to have running water. We paid our full rent the entire time as she kept demanding it. A call was made to Code Enforcement because the well had not been replaced.


I moved in the unit in Sept. of 2006 and had to transfer my unit because of habitability issues. The bathroom plumbing was connected to the laundry room and the wash water was backing up in my bathtub. I had to take my son out of the bathtub on 3 seperate occasions and was moved after 2mos of complaining. Initially there was no charge for sewage, water, or trash. Two months into the initial lease, they wanted to implement this charge. I told them they had to give a 30 or 60 day notice before they could charge me. They did, and the charge was $23.00 per month, per unit.


My family and I exercised our right to terminate our lease and vacate the rental property after the Landlord ignored repeated requests for repairs over a 5 month period. Mice in the kitchen (dead or alive), a roof leak in the bedroom, and severe rain water intrusion coming through the front walls of the entrance room. We posted our notice on the door on May 31, 2010, mailed it certified, return receipt and moved out that day. Our City Building and Safety Dept.


we have had our companion animals for several years my passion is a maltipoo. my daughters companion is frankie, also her best friend, mgmt claims we never told them about our dogs. my pet deposit was waived upon move in due to passion being my companion. We got frankie for amanda. she was taking a year off of lithium and neurontin, and find alternative coping skills. In november when mgmt became aware of our disabilities stating we do not look disabled, and refused us a transfer to another property because we have 2 dogs asmall one and a huge white dog, they only allow pocket dogs.


I'm in beginning in stage of seeking an attorney right now, the hardest part is to find an attorney specializes in Landlord-Tenant Law in my area. My roommates & I are dealing with multiple problems with the landlord. LL hold the copy of lease, which didn't give us a copy, for four months. We finally got the copy of lease after 4 months waiting. LL promised to have kitchen/bath repaired but never did; suppose to fix HVAC, never did; take away the trailer, never did; clean out the junk (caused by previous tenant), never did.


Due to harassment, discovering the unit I lived in was illegal and unlivable conditions, I was forced to break my lease. My landlord insisted I was liable for the remainder of the lease and I insist that the lease is void because the unit was misrepresented, illegal and never should have had a lease attached to it. In addition, the landlord monitored my activities and otherwise invaded my privacy. Now he wants me to find him a new tenant, but I feel I would be liable knowing the unit is illegitimate and unsafe.


mrs woods owner lives in los angeles and her rental is in sacramento i saw the rental from the outside and decided to call her to see how much is the rent she told me can i afford 950 i said no so then she said 850 i said yes in our coversation she mentioned that the security fee will be 850 also i told her that we are on a budget and that we dont have that much so she said that she will work with us on the security fee to just send her 850 for the first months rent and we will make payments on the security fee i told her that we will need the place on sept 1st 2008 she said yes so we maile


Rental conflict Landlord & Tenant
The information is true and accurate
Entered into lease on 2-18-2008 on home at 760 W loop drive.
Landlord comes to home 760 w Loop 1 to 2 times per week.
First 6 months they came 3 to 5 times each week. Virginia complains.
They do yard work. Disturbs Virginia.
Rent paid on time
Not a single notice of poor care on the maintenance of home in over two years. No letter or complaints.

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I live in one of the towers at Parkmerced and have Never been treated so horribly and unfairly. After unsuccessfully being contacted after a rent check bounced, we were served a 3 day notice dated on March 10th,at least 5 days Before we even received it. We left the apartment on March 15th and had yet to receive any notices. Upon returning home from my wedding on the 19th we find the notice and immediately submit our check to the Parkmerced accounting team. Two weeks go by and the check is not cashed.

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