Law Foundation of Silicon Valley

Our Housing Program provides free legal advice and representation on housing-related matters to low-income individuals in Santa Clara County.

We can assist with:

• Defending eviction lawsuits

• Housing discrimination issues like reasonable accommodation requests for individuals with disabilities

• Enforcing the San Jose Tenant Protection Ordinance

• Legal Outreach and Support for renter organizing/campaigns

• Help with Housing Authority hearings

San Diego Volunteer Lawyer Program, Inc.

San Diego Volunteer Lawyer Program (SDVLP), Inc. provides free civil legal services to disadvantaged families, seniors, persons with disabilities, persons infected with HIV or AIDS, and domestic violence survivors in San Diego County. SDVLP offers the North County Unlawful Detainer Clinic, which provides legal information to litigants in unlawful detainer cases. Clinics operate weekly and are provided on a walk-in basis.

North County Unlawful Detainer Clinic:

Vista Courthouse
Main Building, South Entrance
325 South Melrose Drive
Vista, CA 92081

Legal Aid Society of San Diego

The Legal Aid Society of San Diego, Inc. (LASSD) is a nonprofit law firm that provides free legal services to lower income San Diego residents.  


  • Eviction
  • Problems or questions about public housing (section 8, tax credit or other)
  • Housing discrimination
  • Questions about tenant rights (security deposits, etc.)
  • Source of income discrimination

Eviction Clinic for San Diego County Courts

Legal Aid Society of San Bernardino

The Legal Aid Society advocates educating, organizing, and empowering tenants to exercise their human right to affordable and safe housing, with an emphasis on foreclosure prevention. 

U.D.(Eviction) Answers Clinic* 

  • Legal Aid Society of San Bernardino
  • 588 W. Sixth Street, San Bernardino CA 92410
  • Every Monday, Tuesday & Thursday at 9:00am
  • NO U.D’s on the 2nd Thursday and 4th Tuesday of the month

*call to confirm eligibility

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Hello...I have been renting from the same people for several years. I have had to deal with loud nieghbors for most of the time. I live in a unit that is directly below my manager. He ignores my complaints about the other tenants. I recently received an email from my landlord threatening eviction if I continue to complain. They are basically saying that I need to put up with the noise or I will be kicked out. That is not fair! The neighbors are loud all hours of the night & day. I never get any peace here. I am a college student taking online courses.


OMG! DO NOT RENT from Barry Blue Junior/Blue Properties! I went to view the apartment, noticed that there was no smoke detector (which is required by CA Building Code) and told them they needed to put one in before I signed the lease. They took 2 months to put a $10 smoke detector in. Then, once I moved in, I found out that the heater was broken (which is illegal according to CA Civil Code to rent out an apartment without a working heater). It took maintenance 6 months to fix the damn heater (7 different trips out to my apartment before they could get it fixed).

Mosbrucker & Foran

The law firm of Mosbrucker & Foran specializes in lawsuits involving wrongful evictions, Costa-Hawkins disputes and other excessive rent increases, illegal rental units, landlord harassment, and substandard living conditions. 

Most of the work we do for tenants is on a contingency fee basis. This means we don’t get paid until and unless you get paid, in which case we get a percentage of the total recovery. This only applies where the tenant is initiating a lawsuit in Superior Court.

Causa Justa :: Just Cause

We are a housing & immigrant rights organization in SF and Oakland. We have a Tenant Rights Clinic in both cities and help low-income Spanish speaking tenants in the SF office. In the Oakland office we serve low-income tenants who reside in Oakland. The Tenant Rights Clinics helps tenants with issues they have with their landlord, such as evictions, repairs, harassment, illegal rent increases.

Help build power for renters' rights: