I received a letter staing my my landlord was in deafult with their loan. I was making my rent payments to their bank and now they have advived me to make payments to them even though they are selling the unit from under me. Do i have to pay them money if i need the money to move?


We/I and my co-tenants are in Sac County. There is no law/motion tentative ruling calendar for limited jurisdiction, really... there are no tenant rights advocates here. A motion to quash was filed and Judge ruled outside law, (after we disqualified for no cause the Judge who coerces tenants into mediation at bench trials).. we are filing a Petition with Appellate Dept and expect to go higher.. the bias is so deep and pervasive in this county .. it is really scary.


My story is too long to post here though I plan to give a fully break down of it. I been black listed and keep hearing this name called Tenants Alliance or the National Tenant Network as I'm denied for every home I apply for have no evictions or convictions but have fault a few hierarchies and made enemies. I have been alone in these battles lost 2 children in the process and they still come after me.


My roommate and I signed a 2 year rental agreement. When we moved in, we found our landlord had left 2 sawhorses, some tools and a huge 12'x 4'x 1 1/2' above ground planter in our back yard. The huge, unsightly planter was leaned up against the building. These things ruined the look of our small yard area and it made much of the area we paid to rent totally unusable.


In May of this year, we were illegally evicted from a room we were renting from a man who lived in the house with us along with another renter, who used falsified notice documents that we were never served and convinced the sherriff that we were 'lodgers', not 'tenants' with the right to a day in court, after intimidating the other renter to leave and claiming he had never lived there.


please help us our ll is going crazy My Gf and i dont know what to do we are being put through H&&* by our ll who has done Everything from Bring multiple gangsters to try to force us out to lies to the police and they have tried to scare and intimidate us out to just flat out ripping apart our house. If we had ANYWHERE else to go believe me we would have left but now after the last escapade we are FLAT BROKE with no floors electricity food or any other basic needs that a ll is supposed to provide.

Oakland City Attorney’s Office – Neighborhood Law Corps

The Neighborhood Law Corps (NLC) is an award-winning unit in the City Attorney's Office that works with partners in the community to improve quality of life in Oakland. Through lawsuits and other civil actions, the NLC fights for social, environmental and economic justice with a focus on abusive landlords, substandard housing, human trafficking, violence and public nuisances including illegal dumping.

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Fremont Fair Housing and Landlord / Tenant Services

A nonprofit agency providing landlords and tenants with confidential counseling for all rental housing questions: 
  • security deposits
  • repairs
  • termination of tenancy
  • evictions
  • privacy
  • right to entry
  • retaliation
  • rent increases

The program also provides confidential counseling and investigation of housing discrimination complaints, referrals for legal assistance, and community education on fair housing laws.

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i was just evicted after 4 month for being 1 month behind on rent,and all my belongings are being held as well as my deposite,yet no notice of eviction was recieved or heard of

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