Landlord has taken no action to improve property and when I requested the improvements be made she did not renew my lease and I've been forced to move. She is now taking actions to keep my deposit of nearly $6,000.00. I am looking for help.


we live at washington courtyards apartments, and it is suppose to be a secured complex, but the front gate has been broken for the last 2 years and the whole complex is infested by roachs, ants and fleas. There are a lot of lights out around the complex. they are also telling us that we cannot BBQ inside the complex, but they have BBQ pits in the pinic area..they are letting this complex get run down. what can we do to get this complex back.


My self and my children lived here at 3819 East ave for 13 years, We have had the same exact thing happen to us in years past with the landlord trying to give us a 90 days notice to terminate our lease. Reason because we complained over and over regarding the neighbors and the loud music that invades my apartment and children screaming by my door. We wrote a letter of complaint several times regarding this to no avail.


Hi my name is Abigail. I've been a Property manager for 6 years. I was first a Tenant and after 9 months and 6 managers I applied for the job. Last year it was clear that the management company was overcharging. They refused to refund all monies owed and forced me into continuing as though nothing was wrong not just my property but quite a few in LA. It made me physically sick causing me high blood pressure and deep depression. I voiced my disagreement in the company's position. The began treating me quite differently trying to write me up for silly things.


I feel I have a landmark case if assisted. I believe my first amendment rights my civil rights were violated and my right to peaceful domain. Briefly I filed a TRO against the grandson of the property manager and the son of the bookkeeper. They are not the owner. They begged me to go to a stipulation instead of formal TRO because he had done nothing further and they wanted to be sure it was not on his permanent record. Out of kindness I agreed after asking many times of their lawyer to assure me there would be no further issues or action against me in retaliation.


Everyone in my rent-stabilized building in Los Feliz (Los Angeles) was served Ellis Act eviction notices on January 8, 2015.


After a small difference of opinion the landlord & tenant declared I must immediately vacate with what I can carry. He has stolen property worth $2500+ in addition he has kept my deposit thus far. No rent agreement copy was provided. No rent receipts although I asked consistently for them and even provided prefigured templates ones for his verification and endorsement.


I am on SSI getting 800 dollars a month & im on section 8 as well.I am having an ongoing problem with my landlord & section 8 adviser with discrimination & retaliation/ harassment against me and it's driving me crazy that nobody will help fix this problem but will just sit back & watch my issue spread like CANCER.I fill so back in a corner with no resources


I'm not sure what to put here. We moved into our new home with good intentions. We have always been good Tenants. Every home we have lived in, we have made better than we left it. As a Contractor, i have always made repairs, improvements, and upgrades to the home we have stayed, often at our own expense. What can i say, our Landlords have loves us. But with current Housing market, many have fallen to foreclosure and other problems. Why we have never bought a home i don't know. We spent 6 years in our last 2 bedroom home, but realized we needed something larger.

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