Renters Rebate


Our rental home was sold to an investor in New York a little more than a year ago. We have been living in the home now 2 1/2 years. We have never missed a rental payment and we made minor repairs to the property when needed. However, when the dishwasher quit working during the Thanksgiving holidays, we submitted a request to to the property management company to have the dishwasher repaired.



My issue is more general and a common frustration among people like myself, who make too much money to qualify for "affordable housing" but not enough to afford the rising rents.


2 years back, I use to live in am apartment called Waterford Apartment. When we gave them noticed of moving out due to contract ends and the choice we had was month to month. My last payment was a cashiers check with the amount of $ 1399. This month I was looking for a place to live and the credit shows we owed the apartment that's causing us to not qualified. So I called the collection and discuss to them the matter and I ask for the ledger from the time I lived there.


I have been living in a residence hotel for seniors for 8 miserable years. Repairs that were promised were never done. They enter frequently into the dwelling but no improvements have been made. People have been threatened when they want to express their disgust with the management but were told if you don't like go elsewhere.


I am a senior with limited income. My spouse is unable to work also but doesn't qualify for Social Security. So my income which is under $35,000 has support 2 people. With the cost of living increases around the Bay Area my money does not seem stretch to end of month. The renters rebate would be helpful. I feel that we deserve it and it is unfair that because we rent we don't get the benefits that homeowners get. Therefore, government should reinstate the renters rebate.

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