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South Pasadena Tenants Union

SPTU is a grassroots organization dedicated to defending tenant rights and interests. We are a community of activists that believe in fair and affordable housing. We are in support of Rent Control and Just Cause Eviction for South Pasadena. We aim to spread awareness, support, and education for tenants in our city. 

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Housing Long Beach

Our vision is a Long Beach where all residents live in affordable, accessible, quality housing in healthy and empowered communities where government officials are responsive to the social and economic needs of all residents.

Our housing work focuses in four main areas:

Berkeley Tenants Union

The Berkeley Tenants Union is dedicated to defending and advancing the rights of Berkeley renters through grassroots organizing, outreach, and policy advocacy. We believe housing is a human right and rent stabilization is Berkeley’s most effective affordable housing program. We will empower and educate tenants to preserve their right to stable, quality housing, because Berkeley is a better place to live when people from all walks of life can afford to make Berkeley their home.

Rent Hikes Slow Around the Country, But Surge Again in Seattle. What's Going On?

Finally, after several years of punishing rent hikes, the pain is finally coming to an end for renters across the country.

Except in Seattle.

New reports show that rents throughout the Seattle area continue to surge at among the highest rates in the country. Meanwhile, other pricey cities like New York and San Francisco are now seeing rents drop, while the average U.S. rent has basically remained flat.

Boyle Heights Tenants Face Eviction for Unpaid Double-Digit Rent Increases

Boyle Heights tenants facing eviction for refusing to pay rent increases of up to 80 percent will be protesting outside their apartment complex on Wednesday, joined by other renters fed up with skyrocketing housing costs.

Tenants at 1815 E. 2nd St., just a block away from Mariachi Plaza, said they started receiving eviction notices on Saturday, after communications with their landlord broke down. Five of the seven households ordered to leave include mariachis.

Bay Area Rents See Summer Jump

Not too long ago, Bay Area renters began to feel some relief. In the latter part of 2016, analysts described softening rents and, indeed, a plateau appeared to have emerged early this year.

But here we go again.

The cost of renting an apartment moved up in June across the region, according to a new analysis from, a website that tracks the national rental market.
Nationwide, the median rent for a two-bedroom apartment was $1,150, up 2.9 percent from a year earlier.

Most Bay Area cities were about double that, or more.

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