Rent increases


I am choosing to write about the diverse challenges that central valley residents tend to encounter. I have rented in California for over 25 years. In that time, I have always encountered a loss of security deposits for many reasons, most fabricated lies by the owner/landlord. I have tried to contest these thieves repeatedly with no success or laws to protect me. They steal the money, simply stated.


me my husband and my 1 year old daughter just moved into our first apartment 2 months ago. every since the day we got ur keys we have had nothing but problems. we are a working family just tring to survive and i would call us pretty clean people. however our home is infested with flyies and there are maggets on the outside of my wall in the hall way. my landlord wont even return our calls and im afraid this will soon affect the health of my family. i have even found roaches in my kitchen droors. i dont know what to do. who can i call?


Currently I am filing an Appeal Brief in the SF Appellate Division re: 37.9(b) owner occupied section of the Ord. I was evicted in June 2009 by a 30 Day "no cause" eviction notice. I challenged it cross MSJ were filed -- because I am told I am a just cause tenant 37.9(a) but Court ruled contrary to the Ord and state law.

(Donna) LYNN

I am 58 yrs. old & permanently disabled. I live on $950/mo Social Security Disability benefits. Every year Social Security gives a cost of living increase& every year, my rent goes up as much as the col increase or more & then I am living on less than I was for the rest of my monthly expenses.


Nevada County discriminates against Companion/Service Dogs. If you have a dog and a prescription for it, you might as well forget living in Nevada County. They are very anti-dog. Especially the local homeless shelter, who influenced the Union newspaper not to publish anything on the subject. The landlord companies have raised low income rents, and commit credit blacklisting far and wide. I was told by a county employee, "If you have bad credit, you won't be able to live here (Grass Valley). Private landlords who rent rooms are ultra greedy and particular, too.


I am a senior citizen who depends on rent control to afford my housing. please do not take away this very necessary low income housing for seniors. the talk about low income housing should certainly include seniors who have worked and contributed all our lives to this community and state. please consider us in rent control. thank you.

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