Rent increases


I have rented from the same company since 2001. I first lived on Utah St. & then they sold the building to someone that wanted to make condos out of the units. So, the housing commission gave me money to relocate. I ended up renting from the same company because I couldn't find anyone willing to allow my indoor cats. I moved into a lower unit when I had specifically asked for a upstairs unit. They know that I am on disability for anxiety. I also have a sleep disorder. Every place I have lived under this management, there has been noise disturbances from nearby tenants.


I signed a lease listing myself as the sole occucpant. My daughter is now coming to live with me during one semester of college in a 1600 sq ft home. As soon as I told the landlords they immediately slapped an extra $150.00 fee on top of my already hefty rent. I have asked them for where it says there is an extra charge, and HOW MUCH IT IS, if my daughter, my CHILD, comes to live with me. They have not produced anything because there is nothing stating that. Am I wrong in thinking that they should have disclosed this and where did they come up with $150.00.


Our home was purchased by an investor at the trustee sale. He would like us to sign a new 1 year lease with an increased rent and security deposit. I am not certain when he can begin the new lease since we have the 90 day federal protection if we decide not to sign a lease with the new owner, what rent amount are we required to pay?

Fremont Fair Housing and Landlord / Tenant Services

A nonprofit agency providing landlords and tenants with confidential counseling for all rental housing questions: 
  • security deposits
  • repairs
  • termination of tenancy
  • evictions
  • privacy
  • right to entry
  • retaliation
  • rent increases

The program also provides confidential counseling and investigation of housing discrimination complaints, referrals for legal assistance, and community education on fair housing laws.

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Legal Aid Society of San Diego

The Legal Aid Society of San Diego, Inc. (LASSD) is a nonprofit law firm that provides free legal services to lower income San Diego residents.  


  • Eviction
  • Problems or questions about public housing (section 8, tax credit or other)
  • Housing discrimination
  • Questions about tenant rights (security deposits, etc.)
  • Source of income discrimination

Eviction Clinic for San Diego County Courts


On June First I recieved a 15% increase and last year a 11% increase. I am already working two jobs as it is and making a little more than 35,000 a year after being laid off shortly after moving into this apartment. I recieved a notice with no way to reach the owner. I asked for the number from the manager and she said that nothing would probably change becaus the units were going for 1300 a month.

Mosbrucker & Foran

The law firm of Mosbrucker & Foran specializes in lawsuits involving wrongful evictions, Costa-Hawkins disputes and other excessive rent increases, illegal rental units, landlord harassment, and substandard living conditions. 

Most of the work we do for tenants is on a contingency fee basis. This means we don’t get paid until and unless you get paid, in which case we get a percentage of the total recovery. This only applies where the tenant is initiating a lawsuit in Superior Court.

Causa Justa :: Just Cause

We are a housing & immigrant rights organization in SF and Oakland. We have a Tenant Rights Clinic in both cities and help low-income Spanish speaking tenants in the SF office. In the Oakland office we serve low-income tenants who reside in Oakland. The Tenant Rights Clinics helps tenants with issues they have with their landlord, such as evictions, repairs, harassment, illegal rent increases.

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