Rent increases

Elizabeth Diane

This is a senior's complex. We have fixed incomes. They used to increase the rent by $10 increments, now is $25.
I am 73 years old, I have been living here for 14 years and I always place my Christmas decorations during that time of the year.
Now, we have a new person under the tittle "property supervisor: and she took over the office of our Resource Coordinator and gave us 30-notice to remove all the "welcome" mats and any decoration.
Those decorations brighten our days, also represents our faith because we are Christians.


Thank you so much for addressing this issue. My roommate and I received a 700 dollar increase November 1st. Since it was ahuge percent increase they gave us until January 1, 2015.
We have lived here for 4 years and never been late on rent and no complaints from neighbors.
I wrote San Mateo Council, San Mateo County Board, Housing Authority. There is nothing anyone can do. Too Bad basically.


We’re pawns in a rich investor’s game. Dolls on display living in a condo that’s for sale.

This is my first home in Cali. I’ve been here for 5-years. It started out at a reasonable price but the rents went up 30% in roughly the last 2 of the 5 years I’ve been here. There’s no justification for it other than gentrification fueled by rich speculators from China and Orange County. I can’t believe property speculation is legal. It’s disgusting.


In a nutshell. I am being evicted based on a term lease expiration. I was renting a house for 5 years in Chatworth, CA. During that 5 years, the landlords were constantly disturbing my quiet enjoyment by making up excuses to come to the house to work on mainly the dam sprinklers. Not having sense enough to leave when they got here. I expressed my annoyances to them on many occasions. I renewed the lease 3 times because I wanted to stay in the area since my daughter was in high school. She graduated in June 2014. The rent was increased during the five years from $1,950 to $2,200.

Pam Cameron

Rent was raised for same unit size and type for other tenants only one month before $15.00 but when I got my lease renewal mine was $20.00. DO they not in one calendar year have to raise the rent the same for each tenant?


I rented a house with a 1 year lease (beginning 6/2014 ending 6/2015. Later found out the house was in default & in foreclosure. Real estate agents kept coming by my house offering cash for keys (which turned out were bogus). Another real 2 estate agents with their client demanded to enter the home. I called the police thinking they would back me. Wrong - the police threatened to hand-cuff me & "find" something to charge me if I did not allow those people into my home.


I have lived at Creekside Apartments since 2009 - but for the last two years under duress. My rent was increased 40% in 2012 when the San Mateo county average for similar units was just 14%. No negotiation, just a promise of renovation at some point in the future and the choice phrase from the manager, "...we would like to enhance your resident experience..." I was in graduate school and teaching part-time at a Cal State University in the area.


We have rented for 4 yrs the residential home attached to commercial liquor store. Landlord is owner of store/property. He tried to get city of poway to zone house as residential but city said no. So we live on a house on a commercial lot. Sdge raised rates. Old bill for our usage was around $50-100, now it is almost $500 a month. He said to pay by friday or he would evict us. Since he is renting to us on commercial lot, is that legal? Can I live rent free to save money to move? I paid the sdge bill but can I get it back somehow?


My landlord has informed tenants that R.U.B.S. will start on Oct.1, Max $75 per month. Why do tenants hae to pay his expenses for water (including landscape water, outside lighting,and garbage collection! Is this legal?


I have rented for over 20 yrs. New property mngrs for the last 8. They have been trying to get me out all 8 yrs. First giving me three day notice that rent wasn't received. I always pay rent on time. They charged me $35 more than even the best units were paying for 2 yrs.I had lived there the longest. When I asked them why? answer was It's what the market can handle or it's all the upgrades then put me on hold then would hang up. Never got upgrades or an answer. I started paying them the same rent as same units were paying, $35 dollars less, and received another 3 day notice.

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