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Rentberry: New San Francisco Startup Has Renters Bid Against One Another for the Best Flats

London's rental market could get a lot more horrifying if a new US startup makes it over to the UK.

San Francisco-based company Rentberry is positioning itself as the 'eBay for renting' by having would-be renters bid against each other for the best flats.

Renters can search for flats on Rentberry or through landlord-organised viewings, and once they've found one they like, they can say how much they're willing to pay in rent.

Tenant Advocates Want Rent Increases Tied to a Vacancy Stopped

For decades, the cost of renting a regulated apartment in New York has been partly determined not just by annual increases approved by a city board, but also by the far bigger raises allowed when an apartment becomes vacant.

Now, encouraged by their success in holding down the annual rent increases, advocates for tenants are renewing calls to end the vacancy increase, arguing that it is a significant and often overlooked factor in the cost of renting an apartment in the city.

This Housing-Auction Startup Thinks San Francisco Rents Are Too Cheap

Landlords and tenants both know certain things about a property before they commit to a lease together. Location, for example: Both parties can get a clear sense of an apartment’s relative desirability in terms of location right off the bat. But landlords and tenants walk into a contract blind on other issues. A landlord can’t say for sure that a tenant isn’t going to flake on the rent.

Demonstrators March to Oakland City Hall Over Skyrocketing Rents

It's the flipside of a booming economy where a housing crises in Oakland is hurting renters, but helping those looking to sell their homes, even in some of Oakland's toughest neighborhoods.

With a giant laminated eviction notice in hand, dozens of demonstrators marched through Oakland City Hall, delivering a message to the city council and Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf that Oakland's skyrocketing housing market is costing people their homes.

East Palo Alto: Landlords Can Increase Rent by 2.4% Starting July 1

It's still the most affordable city for renters in Silicon Valley, but it will become less so this summer.

The city of East Palo Alto on Wednesday approved a 2.4 percent rent increase for residents in its 6-year-old rent control program.

The change goes into effect when the 2016-17 fiscal year begins July 1.

East Palo Alto has approved increases each of the past five years. The 2.4 percent jump is the highest yet.

Paula Beale, an Oakland Advocate and Senior Who Helps Low-Income Renters, Is Now Homeless

When the rent on Paula Beal's one-bedroom apartment went up $230 a month, there was no way she could afford to stay. The Oakland senior's monthly income from Social Security and disability insurance is less than $900. Even with a roommate, she couldn't swing $1,080 and still have enough left for food, transportation and her medications.

So, in early March, Beal gave away most of her possessions, put what was left in storage and gave her landlord back the keys. She's been searching for a place to live ever since.

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