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Alameda Arrests Tenant Protesters and Passes Rent Moratorium

Last evening, an estimated 200 Alameda renters went to their city council to demand an end to unfair rent hikes and displacement. After a hearing that lasted past 1am, the Alameda City Council voted unanimously for a temporary 8% rent increase moratorium and a ban on no cause evictions. This is a big step forward for a city in which rent increases have been unregulated to date, but it is clearly not enough. The City needs to adopt a rent control ordinance that ties rent increases to the inflation rate and prohibits no cause evictions.

Eviction Defense Center

EDC has been dedicated to serving marginalized communities inlcuding, but not limited to, low-income families, elderly tenants, and tenants with disabilities.

EDC services for Berkeley residents

  • Free legal support on a broad range of housing matters including substandard housing conditions, subsidized housing, rent increases, fair housing matters, and eviction defense.

EDC services for Alameda County tenants

Fremont Fair Housing and Landlord / Tenant Services

A nonprofit agency providing landlords and tenants with confidential counseling for all rental housing questions: 
  • security deposits
  • repairs
  • termination of tenancy
  • evictions
  • privacy
  • right to entry
  • retaliation
  • rent increases

The program also provides confidential counseling and investigation of housing discrimination complaints, referrals for legal assistance, and community education on fair housing laws.

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