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Fate of Rent Control Could Be Decided in Santa Rosa City Council Election

Four seats are opening up on the Santa Rosa City Council this year, and with two incumbents bowing out, voters soon will have a significant say in the political priorities for the North Coast’s largest city.

Housing, homelessness, roads and cannabis regulation are all on voters’ minds this year, but one issue is dominating the city’s political discourse: rent control.

The controversial policy, passed Aug. 29 and set to go into effect Friday, has not only split the City Council down the middle, but it has sharply divided the six candidates, as well.

Big Money Behind Rent Control Debate

Political fervor is boiling over with nearly $1 million being shoveled into fiery campaigns regarding measures Q and R — controversial ballot measures seeking to institute tenant protections.

The debate over the merits of rent control has created a deep divide in San Mateo and Burlingame where opposition groups have a steady stream of campaign financing, while proponents are contrasted by a slower trickle of donations.

Response to the SF Chronicle on rent control

The article, “Rent control spreading to Bay Area suburbs, to economists’ dismay,” (Sept. 10, 2016), to our dismay does not quote a single economist who has evaluated the ballot measures in question. In fact, economists have not objectively studied rent control as it exists in California. Decades ago economists weighed in on New York’s “classic” rent control and haven’t taken a serious look at the policy since.

Justice & Diversity Center of the Bar Association of San Francisco

Our Tenant Advocacy Project offers eviction prevention legal services. The goal is to find a resolution before it reaches a point of eviction or homelessness. This project is currently undergoing some structural changes and is not operational. In the meantime, tenants should use our Lawyer Referral service if they need assistance. Tenants can also check the JDC website for updates on the status of the Tenant Advocacy project.


Divided Santa Rosa City Council Enacts Rent Control Rules

Santa Rosa enacted the strongest protections for renters in Sonoma County Tuesday, imposing a long-term rent control program and requiring that landlords have a good reason to evict tenants.

Long divided on the polarizing issue, the City Council voted 4-2 in favor of the program, which builds on a temporary moratorium on rent increases in place since June.

Mayor John Sawyer, who previously voiced strong opposition to rent control, abstained from the vote because he is a landlord. A decision on whether he has a conflict of interest is pending.

Burlingame Rent Control Moves to November Ballot: Council Unanimously Approves Measure

Burlingame residents will decide whether to establish rent control and other tenant protections on the upcoming November ballot, under a decision by the City Council.

The Burlingame City Council unanimously agreed during a meeting Monday, Aug. 1, to float during the fall election an effort to implement policies which advocates have claimed are necessary to safeguard renters from landlords seeking unfair and unsustainable rent hikes.

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