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Berkeley Tenants Union

The Berkeley Tenants Union is dedicated to defending and advancing the rights of Berkeley renters through grassroots organizing, outreach, and policy advocacy. We believe housing is a human right and rent stabilization is Berkeley’s most effective affordable housing program. We will empower and educate tenants to preserve their right to stable, quality housing, because Berkeley is a better place to live when people from all walks of life can afford to make Berkeley their home.

Richmond Rent Board Sets Allowable Rent Increase

Effective Sept. 1, landlords of about 10,000 rent-controlled units in Richmond will be able to increase rents by no more than 3.4 percent, and must file notice with the City’s Rent Board if they intend to do so, according to the June 30 City Manager’s report.

Tasked with administering the City’s relatively new rent control policy, the Richmond Rent Board released its 2017 annual general adjustment that caps rent increases to about 3 percent each year.

Despite Narrow Rent Control Loss in Santa Rosa, Momentum Grows

Santa Rosa, CA—Last night the campaign to repeal Santa Rosa rent control, which was passed by Santa Rosa City Council in 2016, defeated the grassroots ballot initiative “Measure C” to defend rent control. In the same night, the Alameda City Council approved the addition of a just cause for eviction policy, a major win for tenants. Now landlords in Alameda have to cite a fair reason to evict tenants. The win in Alameda highlights the resilience of tenant activists and will inspire other cities in the midst of rent control campaigns.


Measure C Opponents See Unintended Consequences in Rent Control

As the owner of DeDe’s Rentals, one of the largest property management firms in Sonoma County, Keith Becker has been one of the most consistent voices opposing the city’s effort to impose rent control and just-cause for eviction rules.

He has addressed the City Council publicly on numerous occasions over the past 18 months, imploring members not to make what he views as a fundamentally misguided public policy decision.

Measure C Supporters Seek Stability for Santa Rosa Renters

Marlina Martarano has been a renter in Santa Rosa for 42 years, and in that time she’s lived in her share of dumps.

One place had a mold infestation that made it into her bed and couch. Another had sewage that backed up into her bathroom.

But the 64-year-old retiree from a variety of odd jobs put up with the substandard conditions because she didn’t feel comfortable speaking up. She worried that if she asked the landlord to make repairs, she’d be viewed as a problem tenant and ousted.

Rent Control Q & A: How Would It Work in Santa Rosa

Santa Rosa voters face a decision on whether to adopt rent control in Sonoma County's largest city. Here are answers to some of the most frequent questions about Measure C.

Who would be affected by Santa Rosa’s rent control law?

Anyone living in an apartment built before Feb. 1, 1995, would be covered by rent control and just-cause eviction rules. People who rent single-family homes, duplexes or owner-occupied triplexes would not be covered.

How many people is that?

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