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People Organized for Westside Renewal (POWER)

People Organized for Westside Renewal (POWER) is a membership-based community organizing group. We employ a community organizing strategy based on relationship building and direct action to create meaningful change in the neighborhoods where we work. We start locally, working on issues that matter to people in our communities, such as affordable housing, community safety, and quality education. 

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I moved to San Francisco at the age of 21 (1976) and found my current studio apartment in Northbeach well BEFORE Pier 39. The rent was $299 plus parking (+$25) and included a free storage unit and gym membership in the building.


My story is long and complicated. The first 2 months I lived here, my electric bill was extremely high. PG&E would tell me my meter was fine. They only handle from the meter out. I went to my landlord and told him my central air unit ran constantly even when off. I wanted it checked. He never sent anyone. 4 months of high bills and we asked again in Dec 2012. His solution to the problem was to write a new agreement, removing my husband, so that I may start new service in my name. I was not present when 2nd agreement was made. My husband signed my name.


im a single parent my daughter and I live in a single family home going on 19 years the landlord is a slum lord she was violated in nov. of 2011 for out dated wires and ele.

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